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With an annual production capacity of 3.6 million tons of steel and 100000 tons of ferroalloy

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2018 social responsibility report of Angang Xinyang Steel Co., Ltd
time:2019-03-28 00:00:00 source: Angang Group Xinyang Steel Co., Ltd

Angang Group Xinyang Steel Co., Ltd

Social responsibility report 2018

Overview of Sinosteel

Angang Group Xinyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., founded in 1970, is located in Minggang industrial cluster, Xinyang City. In 1997, according to the strategic concept of "building a large enterprise group and revitalizing the state-owned economy of Henan Province" of Henan provincial Party committee and provincial government, it was incorporated into Angang Group. In 1999, it completed the corporate reform and became a subsidiary of Angang Group.

Sinosteel has developed into a large-scale enterprise integrating mining, coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, power generation, micro powder, ferroalloy and fine castings, with an annual production capacity of 3 million tons of steel, 3 million tons of iron, 3.6 million tons of materials and 200000 tons of ferroalloy. Xingang is now the director unit of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the executive director unit of metallurgical chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and commerce, and the vice chairman unit of Henan iron and Steel Industry Association. In 2013, it became one of the first batch of 45 iron and steel enterprises that met the regulatory conditions announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and its safety, environmental protection, energy, technology, quality, social responsibility and other aspects met the national requirements. In 2018, it was successfully shortlisted in the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises, ranking 198.

Overview of production and operation in 2018

In 2018, Sinosteel seizes the opportunity, takes advantage of the situation, adheres to green development, pays attention to production, engineering and heavy operation, organizes various works flexibly and efficiently, and achieves good production and operation performance. In the whole year, it produces 2.81 million tons of iron, 2.98 million tons of steel, 3.02 million tons of materials, 11000 tons of manganese iron, 490000 tons of coke and 55000 tons of micro powder. The sales revenue was 14 billion 600 million yuan, and the profit was 350 million yuan.

2018 is a year for Sinosteel to write a new chapter and create new brilliance. In 2006, the company stepped into the 1 million ton ladder, in 2009, 2 million tons, and in 2010, it has a capacity of 3 million tons. In the past eight years, the company has made great efforts to forge ahead, and finally achieved a leap forward victory of 3 million tons. To ensure that Sinosteel is the second echelon of the iron industry, and its survival and development guarantee capacity is further consolidated.

⦁ protection of employees' rights and interests

1. Employee benefits

Employees are the cornerstone of the company's value growth and sustainable development. The company adheres to people-oriented, fully respects the personality and personality of employees, understands, cares and trusts employees, and is committed to building a stage for employees to show their talents and providing more opportunities for their personal career development.

The company strictly abides by the labor law of the people's Republic of China, the labor contract law of the people's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law, and promotes harmonious and stable labor relations. All major decisions of the company must go through the democratic decision-making process, and continue to expand and improve the communication mechanism and fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of employees by means of democratic talks, open supervision column of enterprise affairs, rationalization suggestion platform of employees, etc. According to the management strategy and target of the enterprise, the company has established the salary distribution mode that takes the benefit as the center, the benefit increases the salary and the benefit decreases the salary.

According to the requirements of national, provincial and municipal insurance policies, the company has established an employee insurance system to timely pay pension, unemployment, work-related injury, medical, maternity insurance and housing fund for employees.

In the high-temperature season, the company organizes to send cool air to the first-line high-temperature posts such as coking, blast furnace, converter and steel rolling, and presents refrigerators, freezers, fans, etc. to the high-temperature posts, and issues watermelon, heatstroke cooling tea and drugs.

Improve the catering, upgrade the original restaurant to ensure that the employees eat well; implement wechat group reporting, monitoring, irregular spot check and other methods to ensure the quality of food. Since the company's restaurant opened in June, it has subsidized 6.38 million yuan of dining staff. Improve the tooling, select high-quality manufacturers, tailor to the whole staff, and develop different tooling according to the type of work and season, to ensure the fashionable and appropriate style, comfortable and beautiful cloth. In this year, the company invested 3.65 million yuan in customized tooling and labor protection shoes.

2) Staff training

The company takes "three ones" as the guiding ideology, according to "313" (that is, three directions: benefit orientation, quality orientation and trainee orientation; one measure: improve the learning mechanism, combine teaching, education, training and use; three key points: main operation post staff, core technical backbone and important post management backbone), brighten the training indicators, integrate and optimize the training resources, and accelerate the promotion We will learn and grow from the three teams of employees, technicians and managers, and realize the "Trinity" talent training mechanism and mode of knowledge transfer, ability training and value shaping.

Formulate and release the 2018 training plan, modify and improve the studio management measures, improve the continuous training methods and management mode, innovate, improve and enrich the training methods and contents of the studio, key types of work and management personnel, and continuously guide the independent and spontaneous training, innovation and efficiency activities.

(1) Combine with skill competition to improve the training mode of key types of work

According to the regulations at the beginning of the year, the training on key types of work of the rolling mill, coking plant, energy power plant and the construction and installation company was reviewed and accepted quarterly, and awards were given. At the same time, guide and further standardize the combination of key types of work and skills competition in each unit, and effectively carry out professional and technical training. Key types of work in operation workshop, continuous casting workshop, strip steel workshop, No.1 Power Generation workshop of energy and power plant, coking workshop of coking plant, construction and installation metalworking workshop and other units have initially formed a training mode of monthly timely training and quarterly centralized test of learning effect by means of practical operation, oral defense or theoretical examination. Participation group

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