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Angang Group Xinyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a key metallurgical enterprise in Henan Province. It is located in Minggang Town, Xinyang City, a key town in South Henan Province. The plant area is adjacent to Beijing Guangzhou railway in the East, 107 National Highway in the west, Beijing Zhuhai Expressway, Ningxi railway, Shiwu high speed railway and Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway. The geographical environment is superior, the transportation is convenient, has the good location superiority.

At present, there are three 105m2 sintering machines, four 600m3 blast furnaces, three 100t converters, two 150m3 ferromanganese blast furnaces, which have formed a comprehensive production capacity of 3 million tons of steel, 3 million tons of materials and 100000 tons of ferroalloys. The main products of Sinosteel are various specifications of screw steel, round steel, high-speed wire rod, strip steel, ferroalloy, etc. The "Yuxin" brand screw steel and high-speed wire products produced by Sinosteel are "national inspection free products", and won the title of "gold cup" for the physical quality of metallurgical products in China, becoming a well-known brand in Henan, Southeast, Central South and other construction markets, and entering a number of national or local key projects, such as Shanghai "101" project, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, Hefei Wuhan high-speed railway, Shijiazhuang Wuhan railway passenger dedicated line, South to north water Transfer project, Zhengzhou metro, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, Hubei Qingjiang Shuibuya Hydropower Station project, Shantou Port Authority deepwater port expansion project, Hangzhou Qianjiang fourth bridge, Ningxi railway bridge, Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway, Xinyang Yinzhu Plaza, etc. all left the footprints of high-quality products of Sinosteel, enjoying high market awareness and reputation.

Xingang has established a complete quality management system, obtained the National Quality Certification Center (CQC) 9001:2000 quality certification system, and established a complete set of perfect management system from raw material procurement to product inspection. Xingang has a profound technical force to provide guarantee for process improvement and manufacturing of high-quality products. The measurement system of Sinosteel is perfect, and it has the certificate of product quality acceptance issued by the State Bureau of technology and quality supervision, which is the second level measurement unit of the state. Sinosteel has established a special product sales service center, which has been awarded the titles of "advanced unit of quality management", "trustworthy product of national consumer quality" and "customer satisfaction enterprise of national product quality after-sales service".

Xingang is located in the Central Plains, close to East China and Central South China, with good location advantages. With the transfer of the eastern industry to the central and western regions and the further implementation of the strategy of the rise of the central region and the strategy of the opening up of the western region, it will create favorable conditions for Xingang to build a building materials base in southern Henan.

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